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AmyJT, post: 240587, member: 78357 wrote:
Hi I’m Amy and I’m establishing myself as a training and education consultant. I’ve been reading he Flying Solo emails for several months and found them really helpful –it’s great to know that there are other people in the same boat as you!

I’m still working part time and getting my business going on the side, which has its pros and cons; obviously the financial security is great, but it does mean that things move a bit slower, and I don’t have that kick/urgency that I must do things to earn some money!

My employment roles have included being a training resource developer,national training and education manager for an enterprise RTO and manager of a compliance team for a training regulator. I also continue to do some workplace training and assessing in my free time, so keep the ‘on the ground’ experience going.

I defined three areas that I can provide services in; curriculum design and alignment, training design and development & RTO compliance auditing and coaching. So the type of work I do can range from an organisation wide review of training and education programs to development of individual training resources such as training manuals or online learning modules. My website is http://www.ajtealeconsulting.com

I’m a sole trader and because the business is based on my skills and services I’ve initially been marketing myself to contacts I’ve worked with in previous jobs, who know what my strengths are and have seen evidence of my work. Now though, I’m trying to work out the best way to start marketing myself to people who don’t know me and explain to them how I can add value to what they do. Because of the range of what I can do I sometimes find it hard to define what I am – I’m not just an instructional designer or RTO consultant, although I have those skills which means I can offer a total package.

I’m looking forward to contributing to and learning from the forums!

Thanks, Amy :)
Thank you for joining and posting in the Forums Amy!

You could try this:

Draw a simple grid of columns and rows

In the columns, list your possible customer types

In the rows, segment their problems or pain points that you have identified they have.

Then, list how you can help to solve each problem.

These will be your products and the will be specific to a particular problem

Eg, “Pre-Audit, Audit”, “Curriculum Design” “Qualify for VET Student Loans Program” etc.

Develop a pitch and supporting collateral for each product.

There will be a lot of fallout but also opportunities from the VET loan thing – think about how you can position yourself to be the go to person to get qualified for the new program AND how to keep your certification once you have been approved.

You best marketing opportunities may be in being a Key Note Speaker at conferences or a guest speaker at executive meetings or staff meetings and getting in person appointments within the small world that is training may work better than online.

Having a .com.au will work better than a .com in Australia and I like the flavour of the website but try pointing customer issues and benefits of your services rather than the process you use.

You have an amazing background that is super-marketable so with the right approach, you could do really well..

Eg, (Headline) Create Rock Solid Compliance Frameworks
-(Sub Heading) – Never again worry about losing your RTO accreditation…

You get the idea.

I recommend getting a great copywriter at least if you have the funds, and if you have even more funds, a business coach to help you fully develop your products and strategies for marketing them..

Good luck and hope to see you around the Forums Amy!