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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 240683, member: 78928 wrote:
Hi Spiro and thanks for posting in the forums.

Can you form affiliations with locators that don’t have vac trucks that do commercial work?

Or with companies that already run vac trucks but need extra machinery from time to time?

Your $!M truck could be a liability competing against $250,000 regular trucks though.

Hope to see you around the forums!

Hi Paul, thank you for the reply. Yes, absolutely locators and existing vac-truck companies are a synergy that I will be very interested to join.

A same size wet vac truck (like a King Vac) costs 800K so the liability when it does not work is the same if not higher. However because it does not have associated expenses such as supply and use of fresh water, creation of costly sludge to dispose, back fill costs, downtime and lost productive time (it does not leave the site) it justify its daily hire rate which is 5,000AUD.

The customers find it extremely economical and I only need to work one week per month to “brake even” in my current company format.

At the same time, you are right in your assumption that is a higher liability at present, as a new technology it is hard to make people brake away from old bad habits.. If you are used to sliced white bread, its hard to accept the benefits of a wholemeal sour dough artisan.