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I use the Quickbooks Cloud platform. It works well for me. I do 90-95% of my accounting from my mobile and this does it fairly well

It emails invoices with notes (for things like service documents) with my business name.
I am able to keep track of costings by photographing receipts (still have to input details like amount, who I bought from, account bought from etc).
It has a pretty good CRM. I am able to phone, text, email and navigate (it opens Google Maps) to a client.
I like it overall (haven’t tried Xero) but I have also had a few teething problems (which now seem to have resolved. I would get in-app surveys while I was trying to do business)
It also prepares invoices.

There are one or two things I wish it did, such as track how old invoices are, as a list, instead of having to log into desktop version. The recent activity tracker in the app has it, but invoices get lost in expenses and other things that I have added