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bb1, post: 240861, member: 53375 wrote:
… that xero is slowly getting better (but still far behind the MYOB’s, etc), but the main reason accountants are pushing it hard is they are getting a nice kickback from xero if purchased via them…

1. Xero is miles ahead of MYOB in terms of providing a cloud based system that actually works. Customer support and service is also the best I’ve ever seen with any software.

2. Accountant’s don’t get a kickback from Xero. That’s just incorrect. Accountants who have several Xero clients purchase licences from Xero on behalf of a client typically get a discount of 15 – 20 percent. That’s $6.80 a month for those keeping score. A lot of firms pass that saving onto clients.

3. Xero is popular because it works. I’ve used both systems and found Quickbooks to be less intuitive, laggy and simply 404s me on some occasions. For those in a pinch to save money at the start I’d recommend Quickbooks but if you’re serious about running a business I’d invest the extra little bit of cash for something that works much better. And don’t use MYOB…just don’t.