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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 240743, member: 78928 wrote:
Hi Spiro,

I feel that you need to start to research which companies regularly market to the main industry players.

It looks like you need a an overall plan that is segmented into the different industries you are targeting.

If you can allocate a budget, I would first look to identify any low hanging fruit where it is possible to score quick wins.

Because the number of firms that handle large contracts is limited, I would look for a firm with a very strong contact list – strong relationships and trust will be very important.

Each of the industries have trade publications – this is an area to explore.

You may also need company specific accreditation eg, Telstra, Energex, Lend Lease etc.

These are just a couple of ideas to kick around.


Hi again Paul,
Yes you are very right and have seen the issue the same way I see it.

A budget can always be allocated for good use. The challenge for me is finding the most direct and hustle free individual/company. My technology sells it self, it simply needs the right “messenger”.

My main challenge right now is delegation of duties, as I said earlier, its only me and Stella “running” the show and although we have a strong back up from our UK based business partner, we need people’s involvement here on the ground in the Great Land Down Under.

In the past 10 months and while keeping my self “on the tools” for 12 hours per day, we managed to get on board of a couple of major Energy and Mining firms. They love the service but are “quite” now until Feb’ 2017. Stella at the same time achieved an amazing 80 points accreditation for our company from ACHILLES Asia Pacific Gas audit, which is a great “weapon” for marketing and business development within that industry.

I have always based my operations in personal relationship and trust, I go miles beyond normal customer service and do it face to face, for example the way I secured work is, after all the presentations etc, I say to the clients..”I will come and work for you free of charge for half a day, then we talk”, and I do that, no matter where they are and of course, they never let me leave the site until the project is over, happy to pay my fee…BUT…that’s not enough at the moment, especially with my plans to import more of these trucks.

Its exactly what you described above, planning and professional approach. I talk to big firms all the time, the love it, they get impressed but unless someone keeps the button on, they put it on a back burner.

Also there are industries like The Rail Industry that I have not gone near them yet, and they need this service more then any one else…again, very hard to do alone.

Some times I feel like a kid in front of a mountain of lollies that needs people to help him gather them and eat them…honestly.