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Hi Steve,

I don’t believe you’ll get a huge benefit going for SSD for a WordPress site (no harm in doing so), making sure you pick a good host is definitely something to be looking at.

You have the option of using wordpress.com which is hosted by WordPress, similar to Wix and Squarespace. wordpress.org is the free version you host on your own. I’ve used them all and would say Wix and Squarespace are easier than WordPress if your starting out. Squarespace only has a trial period to start with so can be a bit restrictive if hoping to work on your site for a while before paying, nice looking sites though.

The other benefit of these types of sites (if suitable) is you aren’t responsible for the admin of the backend such as making sure plugins and themes are up to date. It’s not a lot of work but just something to keep in mind.

As Andrew mentioned, can be beneficial to use an Australian host but this can also depend on what type of content your site will have. You can use a service such as Cloudflare which will cache content geographically.

I’ve had good experience with the VentraIP offerings, I’ve used their budget brand zuver for a while (basic hosting) without issue. Have also heard good things about Panthur.