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Simlor85, post: 240784, member: 87453 wrote:
The vegan van! I like it :)
You are on something big :) Check this out: http://www.veganvan.com/

I read some fantastic reviews about them on Internet !! People love it..

I would like to add few more points:

1. Almost every successful entrepreneur dared to be different – so don’t be afraid to start your Vegan Van.

2. Salads signify healthy diet and vegan is not only super healthy but also acceptable by all – and it’s also more ethical.

3. Keep loyalty cards – so you can give discounts to regulars

4. Tie up with a local gym, yoga classes – so you can keep their flyers giving discounts and they can keep yours.

5. I can bet lot of people will ask you about buying vegan sauces from you to be able to cook with them at home. Hint Hint ….

6. Get a nutrition label on all your diet – so it can educate people on what they are eating and its benefits.

7. People usually consume things when they know how that is going to help them – for an example – if I do not like lentils but I know it gives me Protein – I will eat it – so name your items like Detox Juice, Green Salad, etc.

8. There are lot of vegan manufacturers / suppliers who would love to have their products on your van…you can either directly contact them or go via distributor…Unique Health Products…uhp.com.au – They have soooo many health vegan options for your van…

9. You can deal with new manufacturers by giving them ad space on your van

10. Last but not the least..register your idea of Vegan Van today and eventually you can franchise this out – Australia wide :) You will be like next boost juice success story….

All the best…..