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Hi Sam,

Thank you for taking a look and the feedback. Originally I started out aiming at men but have since decided that’s too narrow so I aimed at gender neutral to capture all those women (like me) who don’t like overly feminine bedding. I guess the masculine feel prevailed though!

I’ll take your comments re pinstripe on board and see what I can do there.

As far as the About page… well, I’m consciously trying to keep the brand separate from me personally. Perhaps I need to change the personable tone! In any case, I’m not entirely convinced that a large part of my target market actually cares whether my name or picture is there, particularly if we are talking about men (at least all the ones I’ve spoken to didn’t feel it was important). “We” is another attempt at moving the focus away from “me”, plus it allows for expansion – I’m not planning on running this by myself forever ;)

Is this a mistake, to take that approach?