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The logo should have been designed in Adobe Illustrator or other similar software which creates “vector” files, not “bitmapped” files.

1. You want the original (“source”) file from this software, including the font files for any fonts used in the design

95% of designers will have designed in Adobe Illustrator. The Illustrator file is needed when you give your logo to someone else for changes. Without the Illustrator file, it’s difficult to make changes. You can also give an Illustrator file to 95% of print houses.

Worst case, if they didn’t use Illustrator to create the design, then as a “source” file, you want an EPS file. This is very similar to an Illustrator File but it can be opened by anyone in any software (that knows what they’re doing). Changes can be made to the logo but not quite as easily as making changes in an Illustrator file. 100% of print houses should be able to open an EPS file.

Illustrator (or EPS) files are used for printing. So once you have a logo in Illustrator (or EPS) format, a designer can then design up any brochures / business cards / etc… and again, save that design in Illustrator (or EPS) format for printing.

From the Illustrator (or EPS) file, any other format of file can be created. The most common format you’ll need is:

2. PNG file (with transparency, if relevant), about 500px wide. This can be used for websites. 500px wide is big enough to be a big banner image on a website, or the coder can scale it down to be as small as an icon if needed.

That’s really all you need.

In the time I wrote this, I could have done it for you. Send me the file and I’ll give you the formats you need and won’t charge you.