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John Debrincat
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bb1, post: 242335, member: 53375 wrote:
Because if you really wanted that consultant instead of one that is located in your city, you will pay them to drink red wine. To reverse that, why would I jump on a plane to come and consult for your business, if I can get the same dollars in my capital city, and don’t have to sit on a plane and travel for hours in my own time.

Exactly, ”plus travel expenses”, but its normally buried in the overall cost of the contract. In a previous life dealing with consultants, They generally gave fixed rate contracts, but the fixed rate varied depending on where they were going and this covered the additional cost and time. And it most likely included the cost of that bottle of red they would purchase on the plane.

Hi [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER],

Let me rephrase “good”, “professional” agencies and consultants treat travel as a cost of doing business. Is it probably buried in the fee structure from a margin viewpoint? Of course it is I would hope. But delivering an invoice where some hours are consumed by the person sitting on a plane would not cut it with me or most companies.

Travel and expenses should also be dealt with differently from the core project / consulting time from a reporting and tax view point.