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Yoav, post: 242606, member: 88493 wrote:
Hi all,
I am running a new online based business and looking for the best and cheapest method to ship the product to the costumes in Australia.

The product weight 2kg, non-fragile cylinder shape (height 1 meter).

I was wondering which one of the many deliveries companies is a recommended of shipping within 5-7 business days with fair fees and reliable service.
Also, any discount for buying a bunch of parcels deliveries in advance?
Cheers and happy NY

I agree with RegLog regards changing form cylinder to the triangular cartons many carriers rely on the use of conveyor belts, as such, the cylinders continuously roll and are therefore hard to scan and even roll off the belt sometimes, this results both in delays and manual handling. End result, they are introducing manual handling fees for these type of products. Also, do you deliver mainly to business or residential. If residential, watch out for residential delivery fees and redelivery fees (best to have an automatic Authority to leave on your web site when first making booking) Note, you will need to ask for a safe place to leave and mention that the buyer excepts all responsibility once the product is left at their designated spot.