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Hi Jason

Thanks again for a great, detailed response.

I’m currently leasing, looking at applying for a grant to expand our business. One of the things I want to look at applying grant money to is construction of a new shed, which would be a workshop extension/new showroom/retail space.

I have had no experience of developing while on a commercial lease and wanted to know whether it was something that occurred as part of regular commercial leases – ie does this happen regularly in the real world?

I’m wanting to get the best chance of success with the grant; if developing leased commercial property in this way was unheard of then I’d be worried grant reviewers would reject the project and tell me to simply relocate instead.

Though having said that, they probably would be understanding of an existing long term lease in place given that commercial lease are hard to get out of…

It’s been hard to google ‘is it normal for businesses who are leasing to pay to develop part of their leased land’! Thank you for taking the time to respond with your perspective; I’m thinking now it’s not uncommon for tenants to develop and so feel more confident of my chances of including this as a component of a grant-worthy project.