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To the original question – is awareness enough, I would agree that no it’s not.
However to the question of responsibility about information and persuasion:

Johny, post: 242979, member: 34822 wrote:
Is it my responsibility as a potential customer to go out and seek more information or is it the seller’s job to persuade me why theirs’ is the best option.

I think it depends, and might vary based on the type of product/service and whether that product/service is a necessity in life or not and how ‘flooded’ the market is.

If I had a brand of say breakfast cereal then I don’t think ‘awareness’ is enough – I, as supplier, should be giving as much to the marketplace at the first instance to persuade the consumers about why my cereal is the best option. There’s too much choice to simply have brand awareness in a product category like this that, I imagine, you’d lose out quickly to those that are communicating immediately why theirs is best etc.

However, in a service industry such as mine, it starts with awareness, and more often than not leads to the client seeking information, at which time (hopefully) I can persuade them. I offer a service that is required by some people but certainly not the whole marketplace. I provide a service that someone might not need now, but could in the future – or, in the future might know someone that needs my service. Therefore, awareness is important so as to get my brand in people’s minds should they require the services in the future… And, therefore, there would be some ‘responsibility’ on the customers part to seek out more information when they are in need of the service. I could be as persuasive as anything when first communicating my brand to consumers but if trademark registration is not on their radar and simply not something they need then that can’t be changed. I like to think my overall branding and marketing is persuasive, but, that’s likely only to be when someone is looking for the service.

My 2c – interesting conversation :)