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Big Bad Bill Ol’ Boy!

Marketing is a tough gig. You feel like you do so much and put in so much effort for little to no return. The key to marketing is persistence.

May I ask what else you’re trying to do to get business from electricians? Or is it simply cold calling and emails?

May I also ask where you’re located? I’m an electrician and I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for savings which I can pass on to customers.

When I was an estimator at a construction company, there were sales reps from the likes of TLE, L&H and Rexel who would come in or phone in to get to know one another, shout a coffee or lunch, bring in some samples/freebies.. Eventually they would make contact and ask what projects we had in the pipeline and if we would give them the opportunity to provide a quote for cable, or lights or GPOs, switches etc…

I think if you can approach some of the small to medium sized companies with between 10-20 tradesmen and do as I mentioned above, make yourself known to them, they will give you the opportunity in due course. You can’t expect to go there and meet with them the first time and the give you business off the bat. I think you need to provide some value and build a trusting relationship first.