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troysteele, post: 243932, member: 90838 wrote:
I think it comes down to a lot of businesses thinking they have to offer everything to solve the problem and the consumer gets overwhelmed. They’re the ones overloading the potential customer with a heap of information and options they don’t understand and it becomes even worse when the seller doesn’t know enough about all the options they’re providing.

If the potential customer has to go away and do their own research then the seller hasn’t understood the problem well enough to provide a concise solution.

If the customers comes to you already overwhelmed by information they found themselves then the job is still the same – working out what the client actually needs and what their priorities are. Create a solution from that.

The overload of information can be seen as a benefit to a business/salesman who really knows their products/service and customer because they can help the customer process that info and focus on the solution itself. It’s their job to educate in a way that the customer trusts them and understands that what you’re offering will get the job done.

This is a spot on observation, there is a distinct lack of information at the sales end of things. The number of times you walk into a shop (B&M or online) with $’s in hand, and all you want to know is the specification’s of the product you are interested in, and the first thing you are told is ”google it”, but I’m standing there in front of you with $’s to give away, and you are sending me out of your store.

Business have forgotten a very basic fundamental, once you have me in your store, be it Bricks and Mortar or online, Keep me there, don’t send me off, I will find someone better, more helpful, or better priced.

This may sound strange but the internet has made business (B&M and online) lazy.