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Hi Tom,
I guess it depends on what you mean by specialised meals. Prepackaged meals that are NOT processed would be acceptable to me but, I still prefer to prepare my own food. I am also a baby boomer, but definitely not retired, and not a nursing home contender (if i can help it). Once a bread-a-holic, I was recently disgnosed with gluten intolerance, and I now cannot eat anything with gluten or I get sick, so we can all change or adapt at any time, given the circumstances of our health.
Suggest you do what Bert said – ask the age group you are targeting.
I also think that us ‘oldies’ are far more IT literate and health conscious than some of the younger people’s comments here give us credit for. Having started a new business last year (at age 68), it’s tough going, but we’re making headway. It’s never too late to do anything, if you have the energy and commitment.
Good luck with your idea, and don’t be afraid to move in another direction with it, or give it up altogether if a different opportunity appears.