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Mike Pvlc
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Only Kindness Matters, post: 244041, member: 49046 wrote:

I was wanting some recommendations on a company or someone that can help me set-up my Facebook advertising and SEO for my website, also Adwords.

I am a small business so I don’t have a huge budget but I do have a targeted audience.


Hi Rachel,
I myself am currently undergoing a digital marketing/SEO project for my own business. Which my main goal is organically ranking in google’s first page for my targeted keyword. I’m doing my own SEO.

I’m not sure what path you want to take, whether doing it your self or hiring someone to do it.

I’ve had a few SEO companies call me offering their services, their “most basic” plan was around $450-500 a month. I’m not sure what that involves and i didn’t care to go into any details, as I’m learning and doing my own seo.

My advice in choosing a SEO company is basically going to google and searching: “my city” seo (eg. melbourne seo, sydney seo, etc). Then look through the first page organic (not paid ad) results. Quite purely in my opinion if they are any good at SEO, they would be on the first page of google.

SEO is a HUGE topic with many aspect, but first really starts off at “keyword research”, analysing it’s traffic(income potential) and competition(accessibility).

As a keyword with high competition will make it virtual impossible or very hard to rank in google, and you my have to find other avenues for traffic ie, instagram, facebook.

SEO is only one side of the game; creating backlinks, having keywords stuffed in /meta/alt tags, having high keyword density and so fourth. Though your digital business is always going to strive if you have good engaging content. Which is apart of SEO it self.

Why I talk about content is I’ve seen the most basic business blogs, that are seemingly untouchable in google’s ranking for their field of topic; always floating at no.2. Quite purely their material/copywrite is very engaging and relevant.

Think of it like this, for any keyword there’s 1000s of results spanning across multiple result pages, yet everyone wants to be at no.1 on google. It’s illogical you have 1000 people at number 1 or even the first page. What will determine your google ranking “in the long run” is good relevant content.

So look through your website/online business profile, and ask yourself will a viewer understand what i’m selling, is my site easily navigational, is the content on there engaging and are there “call to actions” on the site.

Search engines and their algorithms are constantly changing and why engagement is very important, is purely, if your website has a high bounce rate(viewers that click and leave in less than 30sec) google knows this and reduces your rank in google.

Google’s main goal is giving viewers good/relevant content they are looking for.

One thing to point out that content is just 1 of many things that make up the SEO pie. Even if you have good content but your website is slow or not optimised for google. You will get penalised and drop in ranking.

My opinion with adwords is, it’s nothing special. it’s just paying google for top ranking in the search engine.

In essence any company can claim to do “SEO”, then help you run paid campaigns( google adwords, facebook ads) and of course you’ll get traffic but it’s nothing special, and can even cost you a lot of money.

With adwords you’re paying per click. Even with the traffic, if your content is NOT completely awesome, that it produces a high conversion rate, than your ad-words campaign can be very costly.

Though if your content IS completely awesome, that it ranks organically in google, you don’t need adwords and still be killing it with traffic.

Depending on your target demographic, you might want to look at “Bing” (Microsoft’s search engine). As there is a high percentage of people that still use microsoft default browser , which uses bing as it’s default search engine.
So you might want to look into running an ad campaign on bing which is much cheaper than google. If your target audience is more young/tech savvy individuals, they are using chrome or firefox, in that case optimise or run ads on google.

Be clear SEO and adwords are completely different things. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. With adwords there is nothing to optimise for , you just pay and your’re on top of the rankings.

I’ve read 100’s of articles on SEO thus far, virtualy no mention of adwords, but SEO companies generally are multi disciplined in: website design, digital marketing, social media, adword specialist, graphic design, and SEO.

Just know SEO is really the art or black magic, how ever you look at it, to organically optimise and rank in google. adwords is just paid advertisement.

Put SEO/google/adwords aside for a sec, people talk about google as the be-all and end-all solution, which it’s not.

Social media is incredibly powerful and I know people that run their whole business with traffic through Instagram alone.

Depending on what your business is, different digital channels will work better than others.

Rachel if you want to private message me for a chat feel very welcome. I don’t provide any services i just like marketing and business :)