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Hi Jaye
from your post, I feel your apparent assumption that your target market for property management is real estate agents indicates a lack of understanding of the market and therefore would be surprised if the app was of any use to them.
For a start, most realestate agents have a fairly comprehensive system that is more than just an App. If they don’t, theres no way I would use them to manage my properties.

Where there is definitely a market is for the small time property owner / manager with maybe up to 20 or so properties that they manage themselves.
There are already many apps available, some of which I have tried, but they seem to fall over in functionality when it comes to dealing with multiple properties and interfacing with bank accounts, scheduling work, reminders, handling the turnover of tenants etc as well as producing outputs that are relevant to the accounting system.

Good ideas that provide solutions to real problems can be the basis of good business, but a thorough understanding of the market and the real problem that is being solved is fundamental if it is to be successful.