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JLA, post: 244205, member: 91358 wrote:
Hi All,

New Member here.
Just reaching out to the forums to get some feedback. I am in the process of setting up a Third Party Logistics/Order Fulfillment company that will cater for smaller online businesses, based out of Melbourne.

The feedback I am asking for is issues you have had with other Order Fulfillment/3PL companies. (no names needed). Working for a 3PL currently I see frustration that our company causes its Clients. Our new idea would allow us to be more personal and give people flexibility.

We want to be translucent at the beginning with our pricing structure and our abilities. We don’t want to promise the world if we cant give it to you.

I thank everyone in advance for there replies.



Hi I’m a new member here too.

My Wife suggested this thread and others similar in regards to 3PL.

We set up a company here in Perth that focuses on exactly eCommerce businesses who are not getting the kind of service that they need along with the IT level required.

I like how your wanting a translucency approach in not just pricing but also setting up.

I would be interested to know what you think of our site in how we have approached the topic.