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ShipIT, post: 244622, member: 78560 wrote:

I think technology is key if you can provide and automated process for merchants where they can auto send through their order information, carry out address validation and then you provide tracking information back to them along with branded notifications via sms and email to their customers it will make you stand out form the rest.

StarShipIT works with many 3pls in Australia to provide this technology and the 3pl’s we work with are growing at a great rate all with very happy merchants.


Hi Rebecca

I know that Shippit and others are mainly 4PL providers and do not actually provide the physical service and just place in their platform links and API integrations.


We are working to make it so that our integration with our API’s work well together. We have currently Shoppify and WooCommerce with us on KeepSpace and made the actual ability to have inventory counts done from our stock that would be integrated with the service while still using Australia Post eParcel for distribution.

I’m really keen to build our business as well with soloist who want to outsource their distribution operations while they focus on sales and marketing