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stories pop up every now and then but in the over populated and crap filled stream of what is called news that is spat out every day, it really is no negative press because it never makes it past a passing story or a 10-15 second mention. The business is churning franchises for profit. The franchises that I have assessed for clients that were actually running and operating mostly only provide a minimum wage for all the risk and responsibility that comes with buying one. One of my standard lines I use with clients is – you could earn more working as a labourer on the council without spending the half a million dollars. Franchises can be very profitable if they are in the right place. Problem that place is not identifiable most of the time. You often have as more of a chance of success by flipping a coin and I don’t gamble. I did have one client who had a relatively obscure franchise that was clearing 500k per year but that is the only one I know of and trust me it is not for sale.