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arrowwise, post: 245840, member: 54026 wrote:
Not a lot of good stories really and I am yet to meet anyone with a raving review.

Even the long sandwich one, you need to run multiple in order to derive a good profit as the business owner. Running one average one in the suburbs is pretty mediocre stuff.

Most of the operators in the home services arena don’t seem to have a lot of job satisfaction or happiness compared to a regular job.

The smaller ones are sold to people hating their 9-5 job, but as said often end up appreciating what they had before.
interesting point,

is the end goal the definition of success,

lets assume you run a franchise that fully manged earns $20k per year, on paper , its a pretty average business,

however, if you have 10 of them, you nbasically sit on your bum and earn $200k per year

great money, but indiviudally they are poor businesses,

to me , a collection of bad businesses is still a collection of bad businesses,