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John Debrincat
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heftzwecke, post: 245145, member: 88078 wrote:
About e-corner: I had a look at e-corner and it has some very interesting features. There is one downside: while the smallest package is very cheap it is not really usefull because you can offer only different 100 items. The next up costs more than the double! Ever thought of changing that?

Hi [USER=88078]@heftzwecke[/USER] yes correct our packages are based on attributes like the number of products. Most small businesses (even some large ones) never need more. Our product count is based on what we call Master products and each master product may have many variations. In the CloudStarter package you can have 50 variations per product and so a total of 5,000 possible SKUs.

Some providers market the idea of “unlimited” products but in reality it is total fiction. There are always limits we just don’t hide them.

We also believe that one of the biggest mistakes that a small startup can make is try to have too many products. It is far wiser to start with a controllable number and work you way up based on success. Rather than fail with hundreds of products stored in your garage.

Our packages have been structured based in our 13+ years experience providing online stores and a knowledge of what Australian businesses want. Of course we don’t charge transaction fees and we don’t restrict the packages based on revenue. We love seeing our customers making lots of money and even if they pay us $29 a month.

All the best