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I think the main problem might be the quantity. A very very complicated print design may cost a couple of hundred dollars, but for a bigger quantity it will not add too much to the cost.
We make baby garments and sell to USA and Europe. The onesies, body suits and toddlers are acctually very cheap. We also make unique prints to get our part of market. Brands like Cater;s or Gerber were made at very low prices in our factories before we raised price and they moved to south asia. but they are in huge quantity. If you make normal products you cannot compete with them in prices.
Here normally print set-up fee for cut-pieces are very cheap, charged on colors. Even bigger size screen printing machine panels wont cost much. MOQ is also not that big. In some south Asia contraries, it might be like China factories 15 years ago, request for big quantity as MOQ because of supply chain problems. If you are interested, you can send you requirement and we may calculate a price for you. my email is [email protected]. Here is some Screen print production photos from our workshops. You may have some idea.