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Will Williams, post: 244436, member: 73307 wrote:

Are there any experts on here who can provide advice on inventory systems?

Our busy B2B with retail component business currently runs a system called Tencia (Arrow Software) which is nothing but an expensive boat anchor.

You need a degree in computing to use it and training new staff is a nightmare, one bump / roll of the mouse wheel in the wrong field and you just stuffed settings. The company that provide service are a rip off and their advice/work is questionable.

We are looking for a new system, but there just does not seem to be one that’s really standing out.

Cin7 – looks good but i have heard good and bad stories
Retail Express- looks fantastic but more suited to pos type sales.

We need a system that does inventory control well but also we need to be able to pulll up customer product purchase history quickly and order from it.

For eg joe the baker calls and asks for the baking soda he had 3 mths ago, we sell 3 types in 3 sizes so we need to be able to quickly while he is on the phone look it up. It’s the only thing Tencia does well but most others fail to provide at all.

I’m also interested in setting up B2B ordering from a template /menu of products.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Yes I am a Tencia Dealer and have a vested interest .. more to the point that you take advantage of the money you have already invested and don’t throw good money out for bad by changing solutions ….

The software is very good despite your experience .. has a great inventory solution and integrates well to web sites and B2B … go find an alternate dealer and explore your options before jumping … it does work