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Trent Tran
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ferris17, post: 244442, member: 91700 wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure if it’s the right forum, so I ended up posting on different sub forums. Apologies.

Anyways, I’m thinking to import tools from India. I don’t have any relevant experience, but my relatives run tool factories. The tools would range from hand, garden and garage tools with various different specifications including custom made tools as per assigned.

I would like to know if anyone here knows the optimum procedure or anyone doing something similar. How can I look for retailers who would be interested to buy from me. What are the requirements and steps I should be looking for.

I was thinking to start on ebay perhaps, but then again I would need some exposure as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Get 3 sets of each design and load it on eBay without paying anythint unless they are sold. You also could check how many views of each design on ebay report.

Within a month if there is no sale, it means that your price either too high or your design is not very attractive.

You could also visit Bunning or Total tools or Mitre 10 to check out their range or their best sellers (asked as a customer and the store assistants will tell you) compare their price with yours. It will
take some leg works

Try retail market first before trying B2b as you are new.