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Fredy Namdin
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It depends on your budget, target customers, time frame, etc.

A couple of things came to mind, hopefully they help:

1. Target market: Try to refine this into a chunk of manageable size where you know you have the budget (and time) to communicate with them. This will simplify your effort and remove the overwhelming feelings you are probably feeling now.
2. Indicators: Develop measurement so you know your progress in your efforts, if not you will be driving blind.
3. Refinement: It’s not going to be 100% perfect. If you couldn’t connect/communicate with the target market, try to refine your message to them, or even in some cases find other customers that you can communicate to.
4. Be persistent: It’s not going to happen instantly as you’re probably already aware. Keep refining and keep trying <= this is the difficult part =)

Hope they help! All the best!