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I would be thinking about what’s around me in my local area for starters. Are there business groups near you that meet on a regular basis for breakfast or drinks?

Up here there are several groups like that who have a range of members from people flying solo to businesses in the range that you’re looking for and there’s usually an opportunity for new members to do a small presentation.

I’d be reluctant to buy a list because you would probably be buying a lot of contacts that would be worth nothing to you.

Unfortunately there’s no magic wand available that can instantly deliver customers or clients … it’s all about hard work and establishing relationships and sometimes those relationships can take a lot of time to develop.

Our biggest project in all the time my partner and I have been in business came from someone we’ve been saying hello to for over 10 years. She’s never come to us as a client before but was a regular client of a vaguely related business that we share office space with.