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Grandawood, post: 244861, member: 66994 wrote:
Bert, I agree. Small businesses are often taken advantage of by many “suppliers”. Let me elaborate this:

  1. Landlord: 99% Landlord will agree on Net Rent (Rent + Outgoing) rather than Gross Rent (no outgoing, tenants like this). The Outgoing includes most expenses of the building such as: Council Rates, Aircon maintenance, Grease Trap Services, Rubbish Removal,……. Often landlord does not really care about who service the building as it will be divided and shared with other tenants which will be very beneficial for tradies as point 2 below
  2. Tradies will love serving commercial properties and once you get contract from some commercial properties management agents, you do not need to have a website literally as works will be required constantly and extremely good paid. Otis, Kone lift services for example, get several thousands a month for lift services, if there is a problem, that would be extra cost. Similarly, electrician gets to change lights in building which will be charged: $90 travel fee + $90 per hour + 100% markup of starter, tubes, bulbs. Plumbers: $100 service call out just to replace a $20 broken cistern. Handyman: $45 service call + 1 hour minimum charge $75 for replacing a $10 mirror . Security company charges $80 per hour to provide “security” for the centre, but if there is a shop liffing, they cannot even stop the thief. In Australia, to be a successful tenant, it is extremely difficult as eventually, the above “service fee” will be passed on as outgoing. Talking about website for a shopping centre, it is actually tenant contributed through the outgoing. These website are very basic, built by WordPress and was billed at $175 + GST per hour which actually could be done by a highschool student. I saw many of those websites,many. Please see point 3 below
  3. If a shopping centre promotes a special deal for its tenants, it will contract a web designer. Who ever got contracted (usually through relationship) is very lucky. The job is extremely basic. Only need to know how to use PAINT, Add text, Resize image and upload to the front page which will be billed at $175 an hour. These web designers will not be interested in helping other for a cheaper rate obviously. THAT IS WHY SO MANY FLYING-SOLOS JOINED THIS FORUM to seek advises and tips.
  4. It is not about how much your sale is, it is about your bottom line. Retail, at weekend penalty rate, over $40 on Sunday per staff, to make a profit is NOT an easy task as you coud not on-charge to your customer. The landlord can increase your rent 4% to 5% a year over a 5-year lease easily, you however will need to scratch your head to increase sale at least 10% more compared to last year just to cover that.

I think you’ve gone a little off the reservation now ‘Chief’
The topic was ‘what are main reasons some businesses don’t have a website?’
Not how everyone else is out to rip off the small business owner …
A good topic all the same, but maybe in another thread ?