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Johny, post: 244985, member: 34822 wrote:
Thanks Greg.

As you probably have seen, I make my comments as someone who is rather sceptical about some of the messages out there about the need for all this digital presence, especially as it is easy to fudge, and often those benefits are not tangible.

But here is an interesting article I recently read….


I don’t take a lot of this stuff at face value because we never get any idea about how the stats are determined, etc.

Nevertheless, it does beg the question that if something like Facebook is accessed by 6 in 10 Australians (give or take, and let alone the other channels), how does that compare to being googled on a website?

I can’t see how being on fb limits your opportunities.

Is your view blinkered by your dislike of fb? Is the view of website developers blinkered by the need to earn a living? Or are the stats shown here rubbish?


I now understand what you were getting at, and my previous answer didn’t really deliver…and shows bricklayer fingers on a mobile don’t type very well.

What I was getting at was that I may have to participate in Facebook myself to be able to access the information I want (because it’s used so strongly by local businesses). Even though I believe they’re shooting themselves in the foot in local search.

1. You arrive in this semi tourist town (where I’m at) by the sea and want coffee or food…I’d put “coffee” into my mobile…what I’ll get (at best) is a badly populated and unclaimed My Business listing, or an obscure result from one of the app type sites or B grade directory with maybe a phone number…next to useless in my opinion.

A single page website (screen responsive and Google certified) with a some “local” location hooks in the copy and perhaps a decent mapping API (so searcher can see where they are in relation to results) will rise like cream imo, add in a verified My Business listing, and my experience has been you can’t miss, unless it’s a very bad website.

2. I’ve been spending quite a lot of money renovating my old house, and being a newby I have little local knowledge. When I was looking for some structural timbers a couple of months ago ALL the nearby hardware stores were crap for what I wanted…after several weeks I discovered almost by chance a brilliant business about 15 K away that dominates in this supply niche over 1000’s of square kilometres (regional SA is a very big space). A little reverse engineering and now knowing the business name, I Googled them…they did have a website, non responsive and their “copy” only referred to the same crap every other hardware chain has…nothing to indicate they were a serious industry supplier, but I’ll bet they have an active FB page (my loss of time maybe by not using it?).

Made me wonder how many like me had trucked 1000’s of dollars worth of stuff from Adelaide because they had no idea they existed, or how to find them (they’re down the end of a very obscure dirt road on the outskirts of a pretty small town).

If I was running a serious “web studio” of some description I would probably have to come to grips with social media as it’s now obviously a necessary part of the mix in many cases…but only useful if the owner participates and uses it properly, my small band of clients won’t, they just faf about with it, and I’m not putting my hand up to sort it out for them, the very idea of managing FB accounts makes my blood run cold.

As the statistics in your link show SM is a big deal and dominates many peoples web usage. I personally use Twitter as a news feed and sometimes a search tool…WhatsApp is brilliant, on of the best apps I’ve used (even use it with a couple of clients). So I don’t discount SM as a suitable tool for many businesses, I’m just not interested in it as an reliable info resource…and I might even have a wager that many in my demographic see it the same way (apart from keeping up with their grandkids, or old mates).