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bb1, post: 244849, member: 53375 wrote:
No offense taken, lucky for you I just picked up my 18 year old daughter, and showed it to her, she didn’t go with the confusing comment, more along the lines that we need our information presented in an easy to read and follow manner, not have to jump and skip.

Hey thanks for going to so much trouble to send through your constructive criticism. :) That’s very nice of you.

As I said, it’s not for everyone. Some people enjoy non-traditional formats and customised tools (the skipping bit to the relevant parts). In fact it’s an extra cost on electronic surveys, it’s just that I am using an analogue format. :) I am guessing your 18 year old has never done a Cosmo magazine quiz!

I totally agree that if people don’t find the tool useful they’ll move on. And that is totally ok with me. I am not trying to please all the people. That’s simply impossible!

Thankfully all the other people I’ve shared it with have loved it. Oh except one who found the colour of the font hard to read.

Again, thanks for going to so much effort to bring your opinions to the post. Your experience has surely seen you try a lot of things that have both succeeded and failed. We can all only do our best, right?