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StuartL, post: 244878, member: 92640 wrote:

I’m Stuart and, come August this year, I will have been working online for 20 years.

Together with my partner Toni I’ve done everything from affiliate marketing to web design and SEO. Along the way I’ve run several online shops and built even more for clients, I’ve written for several small media companies, run very successful PPC campaigns for several small businesses and generally been fascinated by everything related to marketing.

These days I’m becoming more and more interested and involved in website security for WordPress websites. Security for websites is something that most people don’t even think of and yet, if you have a WordPress website, then it’s guaranteed that hackers are probing it right now.

Keeping them out is not that hard … you just need to stay focused on how important security is. If you have questions about it then just ask, I’m always ready to give any website owner some free advice that will be worth more than what you paid for it.

Apart from all that I’m a father and a grandfather and I live with my partner in Hervey Bay in Queensland and I’m looking forward to learning more from the conversations here.
Hi And Welcome to the Forums Stewart. It is great to have you!

Thank you for joining Flying Solo and posting today. I am sure there will be many discussions you can get involved in around here.