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Tenacious Man, post: 244887, member: 92589 wrote:
Hi all,

I’ve recently moved to Melbourne and would love to start networking with like minded folks. Ie. leverage off their skills, experience and networks.
I’m in the business of acquiring underperforming companies and turning them around.

If anyone knows of folks who operate in this space please get in touch. I would love to have a chat.

About me:
35yrs, MBA, Serial entrepreneur, Driven.
I’m currently work in business coaching.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to Melbourne.
Often a new marketing strategy can help turn around a company’s fortune.
My group of highly experienced marketers who would like to partner you in developing creative solutions for consumer or B2B projects.
An outline of our services is listed in a recent posting .
My contact is 0408 344 905, or , [email protected]
Again welcome to Melbourne.