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MCoWebsiteDesign, post: 245252, member: 89106 wrote:
… all your directories, ads, links, business cards, email signatures etc , all will point to the wrong location..

I guess the best way to think of it is , its like building a perfect easy to build house with absolutely no foundations that can be knocked over with a puff of breeze from the wrong direction… then you lose the lot, site and the valuable bit , the SEO juice…

Surely it’s the domain name that has the SEO ‘juice’, not the actual website. Assuming you own your domain, you could put up another website and lose very little, if anything, (assuming you built a site with a similar URL structure)

e.g. You may lose that cheap house, but your customer still know your address and you can put up another house pretty quickly.

And I think you may be overstating the risk to be honest.