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James Millar
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Bushmechanic, post: 245101, member: 89930 wrote:
Thanks James,

That sort of consulting is just not in our budget, I’m hoping common sense will prevail.

As I have informed them, it is a small country village not CBD in Sydney.

I guess I personally oppose having to spend money unnecessarily (guess I’m a tight A**).

I suppose how ‘to the degree necessary, appropriate to—’ is determined is more subjective rather than objective.

I hope I am not portraying myself as being discriminating but if the BCA states the above why do the extremes have to be applied?


Generally people engage these consultants to provide “alternative solutions” because the cost of compliance with the default provisions is considerably more expensive (or completely unviable).

For example. If the default council planning permit required 10 onsite car parks and the cost of the leased land was $200 per sm per year then you can see that engaging a traffic engineer to reduce the parking requirements to say 5 onsite makes a massive financial difference each year. Each car park is approx 10 sm. So $10,000 per year. Some sites simply don’t have enough onsite parking as an option at all.

With disability” access” amenities. You have lease costs of the extra space and then you have the bigger upfront cost of construction of the amenities, the ramps, wider doors. The last business project we invested in had $45k in “access” works (for the premises) and that was after hiring a disability consultant to get us out of having to have a lift to the second floor. Again some sites simply cannot be readily converted to current BCA regulations so you literally have no choice but to engage a consultant.

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