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While the basic idea is sound, you need to carefully identify your target market.
Aussies are not generally used to having things done for them, most would rather do it themselves.
The elderly who don’t use technology are also not used to the concept of a concierge, probably primarily because of the perceived cost. Remember that most will have limited budgets. Their only experience of such a service may have been when they went on holiday and stayed in a hotel, probably overseas. This automatically raises the perceived cost of using such a service.

So to me your target market will be visitors or immigrants from countries that may be used to such services – USA, probably Asia, Europe etc.
So then your problem is how do you get in contact with these people, who you cant email or use Facebook ads etc

As has already been asked, you also have to deal with the third party booking issue. Are the companies you propose to place bookings with, set up to take bookings for third parties. Who pays when you place a booking and the customer doesn’t turn up?
Who is responsible when the cleaner you book breaks the priceless vase ?