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“haven’t launched yet, it will be a mummy and kids website w an online shop, clevergirls.com.au
I have been studying a lot about online business lately but some advice from someone who has actually done it is always the best!!!”

I’d suggest you to work on the conceptual side first rather than the operational side. What is your niche? OK mummy and kids, but why you pick “clevergirls” name for your website? Is it only for baby girls? Is it only for clever mums, or as people may put it, is it only for mums that have master degrees?

Secondly, you have to find out what the difference is between your online shop and other “mummy and kids” online shops because there are thousands of them. What makes your online shop “more unique” or “better” than most online shops? Why people will shop on your online shop instead of ebay, for example. Competition in this industry is high.

I ask question about niche because if you ask someone who has “actually done it” but in different niche (like spare parts for antique cars, for example), whatever answer they give will be irrelevant.