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sizzleparks, post: 245142, member: 93227 wrote:
The landlord actually did a survey for the building, and they wanted Vietnamese food in the area – theres no Vietnamese restaurants/cafes within the 2-3km radius of the shop (or maybe there’s 1), but the next suburb is Marrickville, which is filled with Vietnamese restaurants.

I’m hoping the somewhat modern take of traditional vietnamese dishes and very ‘instagrammable’ presentation of the dishes will draw a crowd over the weekends. We’ve had some success when we did a popup kitchen in Tramsheds (an up and coming restaurant precinct), people loved our food, and even messaged us to ask when and where we’ll be next etc.

I highly recommend Instagram marketing, it’s one of best platforms for Cafes/Food Businesses. I suggest reaching out to instagram pages that promote local food and have them feature you for a paid promotion.

Also highly recommend having basic SEO setup like your website title to feature your cuisine and location so you come up in search.

Good luck with it