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Hi Michael,

Completed the survey for you. Always hard to get people to take some time to do it. A couple of ideas from me.

1. If you aren’t getting the survey responses you could incentivise by saying for every person that completes you will donate $1 to a charity (of your choice). Gives some weight through social responsibility to your cause and costs minimal.

2. Focus groups – really easy to do and you can get a lot of really robust information that is qualitative. The survey’s give you quantitative which is good if statistically relevant and the questions are less open ended and less room for interpretation.

3. When I work with clients on whether a market is viable or not we look at a whole bunch of things including target audience profile and the viability of that against the competitive set – i.e. how big is the market and will that service all the competitors. Also, we look at things like what is your value proposition, what makes you different from the competitors and how strong is that to get you a stake in the market share. The list goes on, but hopefully some points to help out.

Good luck. You have the first key piece for success – passion for the product!