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Here is an example Troy of how I believe LinkedIn works. Once again though, my opinion only.

Just yesterday I made a comment on a discussion. My comment was pretty much the opposite of what everyone else said, so I was going against the grain, and I have no doubt (knowing this industry) that it would not have gone down too well in many quarters.

This morning I arrive at work and I have a message in my inbox. A guy who I have been connected with for several years, but maybe conversed with one or two times in the past. He is pretty well known and regarded in that industry and sent a message saying thankyou for my comment. He is from the UK and will be where I am (Hong Kong) next month and wants to set up a meeting.

Who knows what will come of it, but without the comment, it is certain nothing would.

There are a lot of people you can contact on Linkedin who aren’t active in the community though and it would be a shame to let those opportunities go to waste. i.e. people with accounts who don’t read articles or comment etc. InMail lets you contact those people who you can’t get to otherwise.

If you think they are opportunities go for it. My only comment would be not to be surprised if people don’t appreciate the approach and you get the short shrift.

If you do it, please let us know as I would be interested to see the type of response you get.