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If you only supply to Australia, all other web traffic is totally irrelevant.

To largely exclude the rest, set your Google Console/Webmaster Tool to target Australian customers. See, “Search Console Help – Target your search results to a specific country

G already presets Au residents to search on G.com.au. The vast majority of searchers do NOT go selecting between G.com or G.com.au or G.com/ncr unless they are hardcore SEOs.

If you are targeting Au customers it then does not matter whether your site is a .com or .com.au domain. Google will rank a .com site as if it was a .com.au domain.

Other issues to consider…

Some Au customers prefer to do business with Au companies so they have local consumer law protection and a local entity to complain to/about.

Is a more specific location important to your customers? Depending on the product category, you could find that many potential customers also include a city/town search word.

Some products may be freight free to local customers or free in-store pick-up may be a common practice.

Check for the importance of town/city search words with G’s predictive search function. Type in a product category and see if location words occur in the drop-down predictive results.

Eg. Sydney or Melbourne in the predictive search box. If not, cross check by adding “(space) S” to your product category search to see if “Sydney” displays in the predictive search.

Few potential customers make a single search query and then buy something.

So forget keyword planners!

They only tell you where a small number of searchers start their journey. They don’t tell you what search queries people use when they are ready to purchase and they don’t give info about the use of multi-devices in the process.

Virtually every product search includes these search methods as people progress through their purchasing process.

Search for:

  • A problem or a solution
  • A product category search
  • A product sub-category search
  • A product brand name search
  • A type of business that can supply the product
  • A specific business name
  • Ready to buy search words: Location words, online, retail, shop, store, price, quote, free, best, discount, freight, delivery, reviews, testimonials, etc.

I hope you don’t need a keyword planner to tell you what words are relevant to your business for these types of search options because keyword planners provide very poor and incomplete answers.

Please remember, SEs do NOT rank exact match search terms, they rank how the individual words in a search query are used on a page and on those that link to it. There are NO exact match web pages for most search queries. Exact match has very litlle impact on a page’s ranking.

Hope this helps,