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John Romaine
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Aidan, post: 245292, member: 2298 wrote:
Hey JohnR – I keep trialing that tool against websites I control and it keeps showing me rubbish when I look for the suggestions based on those sites! I mean serious rubbish, e.g. a telco type site is apparently targeting a medical procedure (it isn’t).

Same with AdWords suggestions, it guesses at the target keywords based on the ads without any adjustment for negatives or match types.

I could give more examples but they’re equally as laughable – is it just me?!

Aidan, I havent experienced that issue. Are you setting it to AU? I think by default it looks in the US, although it sounds like your problem might be something else.

Sure the site hasnt been hacked at all?

Might be worth running it through Screaming Frog to see if you can see anything odd showing in the HTML markup and meta tags.

Actually I just re-read your post and if you’re getting wonky results from two completely separate tools, something is def up. Are you running a VPN or something? Have you tried from a different computer?

Having said that, I dont believe there are ANY tools that are accurate in the SEO space. Some are better than others.

Typically I just use them as guides.

Hope this helps.