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Aidan, post: 245292, member: 2298 wrote:
Same with AdWords suggestions, it guesses at the target keywords based on the ads without any adjustment for negatives or match types.

I could give more examples but they’re equally as laughable – is it just me?!

I’m a big SEMRush user and find the keywords on-point but the traffic and the bid estimates way off. It won’t find you all the long tails but it is a very good way to brain storm ideas that you can’t think of. Everyone struggles to think of the obvious at different times so the keyword tools can help jog your memory.

The Google Keyword Planner estimates are more accurate but give less examples and harder to brainstorm with. I use them in tandem.

Have you done a search to see if your site is showing up for those weird keywords?

When searching as a user, I’ll only refine my search to Australian only results if the product isn’t common here and the broad search is dominated by US retailers. I use site:au instead of saying “Australia only”.