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Fredy Namdin
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Hi Johny,

Innovative ideas with the flatpack granny flat!

I remember vaguely there was another company doing something similar. They basically build everything in a factory, ship them to site, then construct them like Lego pieces.

Your road is still long it seems like. Just a quick idea to help (hopefully it helps).

You’ll probably find that selling them is more difficult than buying them. Instead of starting from your products, it’s probably worth doing it the other way around as in, starting with the target customers.

Who knows maybe through some communications with current players in town (builders, local councils, developers, Bunnings?, etc.) you can get potential customers lining up for you. Once you get them, the next step would be getting some sort of fundings from local financial institution. Bring your business plans (and your potential customers’ purchase orders).

All the best!