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Just a point: GST Free is the incorrect code to be using. As you are not registered the invoice should say Invoice (and not Tax Invoice) and should state ” Supplier is not registered for GST”. GST Free has a different meaning in the system.

The next bit is just my opinion but if you are quoting a $49k job, you only need two of them to be accepted and you are well over the threshold plus you are probably missing out on recovering GST off tools, equipment and materials purchased. In addition, I agree that in that industry, given the size of the quote, it does look inexperienced and causes me (rightly or wrongly) to question whether you have the experience, tools and equipment and financial resources in particular to support that level of a job. Please note this is just one persons opinion as is not meant as criticism in anyway. I think there are probably more positives than negatives for you to be GST registered but always its your decision