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Hi Anda, I am probably far too late to this post. The logos look good. I thought I might throw out some tips when designing a business logo.

1. Make sure it is flexible. You need to ensure the design can be applied to different aspects as it will likely be used on anything from website to business card and all that in between. I have worked with so many businesses that find this out too late and they have to go back to the drawing board as the logo only works in some placements.

2. Keep it simple. A logo doesn’t have to say everything you need to say to your prospective audiences. You have copy and images that tell that story for you. Think of some of the greatest brands in the world and their logo – Apple, Nike to name two.

3. Colour and design elements matter. What ever colours you use should marry up with the colour palette you plan to use across your brand and all your communications. The design elements used in the logo need to be also considered in how they play out across your other communications channels.

Hopefully the above is of some use (if not too late). Good luck with the business venture.