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El Arish Tropical Exotics, post: 245445, member: 6734 wrote:
Mailchimp shows me exactly who opened and what they clicked on. Also shows me the most popular links clicked. Also everyone on your list has stars next to their name to indicate how engaged they are with your emails. If I drill into reports it even shows me who were my customers that reopened it the most. Industry average for ecommerce is 2.6%.
I’m sure it varies from company to company but they would all have pretty good reports. Since this thread has started I’ve also linked Mailchimp to Neto so I can actually check on who ordered after opening (hopefully).
ps I’ve been chimping for awhile and am happy but here is a good article on more current email marketing applications.

a number of email distribution systems, base tracking of opens via a picture in the emails, and if the email is opened, its downloaded and that’s how mail systems know its being read.

But, Outlook and a number of other email clients have the default set that pictures aren’t opened on opening an email. As such an email can be opened, but not registered as opened. As such you may be deleting people from your email list who have actually opened the email, but it appears to you that they haven’t.