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El Arish Tropical Exotics
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bb1, post: 245448, member: 53375 wrote:
a number of email distribution systems, base tracking of opens via a picture in the emails, and if the email is opened, its downloaded and that’s how mail systems know its being read.

But, Outlook and a number of other email clients have the default set that pictures aren’t opened on opening an email. As such an email can be opened, but not registered as opened. As such you may be deleting people from your email list who have actually opened the email, but it appears to you that they haven’t.

I usually only have a few hundred characters in the email and a “see more” link that sends them to the blog post. I imagine if I didn’t have it set up so that Mailchimp was sending out my blog posts and I was just sending out a straight email that that could be read without clicking it would be an issue. Maybe that explains why my open rate is so high compared to industry average on Mailchimp.

I’ve had the same mailing list for over 10 years. If I kept everyone on or waited until they unsubscribed themselves it would cost me a small fortune to send out an email. Theoretically this should work in well with the people who hate junk mail on this thread. I find it interesting that no one else considers fine tuning their list.