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Grandawood, post: 245306, member: 66994 wrote:
At what volume, and what weight, d x w x h? Australia Post EMS is not too bad I believe. DHL is cheaper than Australia Post? I am eager to know Fenrir especially in small item you just mentioned.

To ship, 1000 kg of goods from here to Arab by DHL using one of the aggregator site, it is only $1400 AUD. This is cheaper than Australia Post which I tend to agree. But 0.5kg item, I have a hard time to digest this.

Are you using “aggregator” or have DHL account set up with them directly? As if you are using aggregator (for example, transdirect or Inexpress), you could see more options and price.


DHL is cheaper in their ecomm platform, i send lots of 100gram stuff and am only charged for that weight as opposed to AusPost being 500gram start… AusPost is not competitive at all in the lower weight items :( and all are trackable through DHL as well..

Touch base if want man, happy to point in the right direction – and hope business has been well.


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