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Grandawood, post: 245585, member: 66994 wrote:
[USER=34537]@LucasArthur[/USER] a big thank to you

$10 is a fixed fee no matter how many parels you have and you will pay a “variable” weight on top depending on its weight.

For example, a 65g-item to USA has a rate of $10 ( i rounded it up)
total fee will be
$10 +$10 = $20

If you have 2 items of 65g
it will be
$10 pick up + $10 +$10 = $30

here is Phillips response directly

The $10 pickup charge can have as many items as you like collected at once; e.g. $5 per item if there’s two collected, $1 per item if there’s 10 ect.

So welcome mate, awesome to deal with arent they?

If you need a hand or guidance or just info when setting up (although you have full access to them as well) – you are welcome to call.. happy to try and help out.. Easy system to use, quite effortless.. Sounds like a huge plug, although in all my years shipping stuff – this is the only company that has made financial sense with this style as well as an ease of use to boot.

My plug


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